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Considerations When Choosing Timber Flooring

Naturally, at dD Flooring we specialise in timber flooring and believe it is suitable for every room.  However, often we are asked to discuss the pros and cons of other flooring solutions. Some people have a limited budget and may want to consider other types of floor coverings. Budget.  Generally, timber flooring does cost more than vinyl flooring and most carpet selections. However, for homeowners with a tight budget, there some beautiful timber flooring selections that don’t cost much more than a good carpet. Children and Pets.  Sometimes the fact that there are pets and children in the home causes a homeowner to shy away from timber flooring.  Do you have pets and children?  Today’s hardwood floors and finishes are extremely resilient and beautiful while holding up well to clicking claws and pattering baby shoes. Safety.  Timber flooring finishes are a bit slicker than tile or ceramic floors.  People of all ages can slip and fall on tile, hardwood and even vinyl flooring.  If that is a concern, you may want to choose carpeting. Of course, people can trip up on the carpeting, but it provides a softer landing. Care and Cleaning.  Timber flooring offers the easiest cleaning and care of all products. However, watch out for shoes with bits of gravel embedded in the sole which can scratch up the finish.  Small scratches can be fixed, but larger scratches are there for the life of the wood plank.  For normal cleaning, all you need is a dust mop and an occasional damp wipe.  Vacuums which come with a bare floor setting and hose are great for sucking the dirt and dust out of corners.  A weekly damp mop or vacuum should be sufficient.  We also recommend an occasional damp mop with an approved gentle cleaning product intended for timber flooring. Call 1300 600 740 or visit http://www.ddfloors.com.au/ to schedule an appointment to select beautiful flooring for your home.

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